Advanced Technologies



Integrated pneumatic muscles to provide flexible support.

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Easily and intuitively adjusts the level of support for the user.


User Experience

Reset smart knee brace and app system

Product Design | User Experience | Group Project

Create a new system for post knee surgery patients

Spring 2017 | 14 weeks Project

Featured in book “Interaction for designers” by Brian Boyl

Reset smart brace supports post knee surgery patients through all 4 stages of rehabilitation with advanced technology designed specifically to help them stay normal in their life.

The app interface system motivates patients through the rehabilitation and physical therapy process, so they recover as soon as possible.

A reset back to the life before the knee surgery.

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Provides cooling fluid for the channels within the brace and power to the brace



Integrated cooling channels within the brace to reduce pain.


Gatorade Premium Skincare Extension

Package Design | Brand Identity | Graphic Design

Base on the given brand (Gatorade), create a skincare extension and design its packaging in 14 weeks.

Summer 2017

Gatorade is invented in the summer of 1965 for the Gator Football team to replenish the carbohydrates and electrolytes lost in sweat with a precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage. Gatorade focus on boosting athlete’s performance by providing hydration, energy and recovery. Gatorade is moving towards to premium products with its premium lines: Gx and G ESSNTL

Brand Identity


Keeping the energy in Gatorade and add soft features to express hydration. With minimized G logo, it makes the new logo fresh, clean and premium.

Packaging Design

This packaging design (hydro power by G) is aimed to elevate Gatorade brand to a premium level while keeping their key attributes. Hydro is the ultimate solution from Gatorade to keep athlete’s skin hydrated and clean throughout the day, so they can perform in their peak at anytime.

Completion | Effective | Fast | Hydrated | Athletic | Premium


 adidas Ultraflow

Soft good DESIGN | Product design

CREATE A shoe for given location (north hollywood, CA) with emphasis on manufacturing locally.

Fall 2016 | 14 WEEKS PROJECT

adidas Ultraflow is a shoe designed specifically for indoor hip-hop dancers in North Hollywood, CA using 3D print technology to make each pair of shoe uniquely protects the individual’s feet and support individual’s dance moves.

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