adidas ultra flow

Footwear design

Create a footwear for given location (North Hollywood, CA) with an emphasis on bring manufacturing close to market.

14 weeks project

adidas ultra flow is designed specifically for indoor hip-hop dancers using 3D printing technology to make each pair of shoe uniquely protects the individual’s feet and supports individual’s dance moves.

adidas speedfactory brings the production close to market and makes the manufacturing process possible.

adidas speedfactory

adidas speedfactory

 manufacturing process

FeaturesAsset 26.png

1. Scan & Analyze User's Feet.

FeaturesAsset 27.png

2. Pinpoint critical areas for support and protection.

FeaturesAsset 29.png

3. 3D print inner support and protection.

FeaturesAsset 28.png

4. 3D print outer support and protection.

FeaturesAsset 30.png

5. PrimeKnit Upper with support on critical area.

FeaturesAsset 32.png

6. Unique details added for hip hop dancers

FeaturesAsset 35.png

7. Shoe is perfectly and uniquely made for each user

FeaturesAsset 34.png

8. Spot Outsole to provide traction for indoor floor


 footwear features

Adidas_UF_FPAsset 27.png

Social Media

Hip-Hop dancers use social media as the main source to promote themselves

FeaturesAsset 21.png


Unique style differentiate between hip-hop dancers

FeaturesAsset 22.png


North Hollywood hip-hop dancer practice in studio

FeaturesAsset 23.png


Lightweight allows hip-hop dancers to practice longer in studio

FeaturesAsset 24.png


Flexibility in shoes makes hip-hop movements more fluid for dancers

FeaturesAsset 25.png


Breathability allows hip-hop dancers to practice longer without feeling exhausted