Reset smart knee brace and app system

Product Design | User Experience | Group Project

Create a new system that supports patients to recover as easy as possible after a knee surgery.

14 weeks Project

Featured in book “Interaction for designers” by Brian Boyl

Selected to display in ArtCenter gallery

Reset smart knee brace supports post-knee surgery patients through rehabilitation with advanced technology designed specifically to help them stay normal in their life.

The app system motivates patients through the rehabilitation process, so they can recover as soon as possible.


StepUpAsset 36.png

Fluid Support

Patient depends on the brace to provide physical support throughout the day with different activities (Walking, climb stairs, shower, PT exercise).

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Pain relief

The brace uses cooling method to provide comfort and reduce inflammation on the knee.

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Progress data

The brace uses sensors to track and collect data.

Patient can view progress and personal data in Reset app.

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Encourage and remind

The app system encourages and motivates patient to do the therapy exercises and reminds them to follow exercise schedule.




Integrated pneumatic muscles to provide flexible support.

ResetAsset 5.png


Easily and intuitively adjusts the level of support for the user.

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Integrated cooling channels within the brace to reduce pain.

ResetAsset 6.png


Provides cooling fluid for the channels within the brace and power to the brace


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